What we do

Surrey Social Media is a digital marketing agency based in Guildford. Our mission is to support local businesses by delivering personalised, high-impact social media management that’s both accessible and affordable for clients of all sizes and industries.

As active residents of Surrey, we have experience and a personal understanding of how to connect with the people in our local community. But as skilled social media specialists, we also know how and why consumers all over the world engage with businesses online, and what a brand must do to build and activate a community on social media.​


Managing your own social media may not be your top priority – especially if you are running your own small or medium-sized business. You can rely on us to personally engage with and grow your online community on your behalf through expertly crafted posts and targeted content. We take time to listen to your followers, bring people together and create a personal and meaningful experience that gets people talking.


The reach of social media advertising means that your potential market is wider than ever before. We know how to create targeted advertising campaigns that will reach consumers local to your community, or we can market to a more global audience. We combine our proven experience with your business’s needs to make sure you reach your online marketing goals.


For business owners who desire to have more control over their social media presence, we offer a training service that will guide you through the simple basics of any of the major social media platforms, down to the more advanced stages of monitoring and insight. Our experts can show you on your own system how social media works, why it’s so successful, and what you can do to harness it, exploit it – and enjoy it.

We are different from most agencies. We have in-house experts who can create dynamic content for your brand.

Engaging content is what can help a customer choose you over your competitor.